Insurance Assistance

We have an experienced staff that is able to help you with your insurance questions. We will attempt to verify your insurance coverage as it applies to service provided at HHCC, however verification is not a guarantee of payment.

We may bill your insurance for services that we provide for you and may aid in the collection of payments that are owed to HHCC by your insurance provider. We will send monthly statements to inform you about the progress pertaining to collections from your insurance provider.

We strive to do our best, but occasionally it is necessary to correct and/or re-file insurance claims. The contract that you have with your insurance provider is a personal contract between you and your insurance provider.

We are providers of care only and ultimately, questions or disputes that you have involving your insurance must be addressed to your insurance provider directly. We must, however, emphasize that the ultimate financial responsibility to both your insurance provider and HHCC lies with each individual patient.

In the event that your insurance does not cover a service or your benefits have become maxed out, we offer affordable time of service fees through CHUSA. We are serious about our commitment to help you understand your insurance benefits as well as your financial responsibility as a patient

Although many health care facilities choose not to provide these services, we at HHCC feel that this is an important part of the overall services of body/mind care we provide. While we will assist you with your insurance provider concerning your billable charges, we must adhere to our own contract with the insurance provider.

We appreciate your involvement in this process and look forward to assisting you with your insurance questions. Working as a team will allow us to focus our full attention on your treatment.

We Accept:

Auto Injury
Florida Blue State and Federal
United Health Care
Worker’s Comp

Payment Options