Personal Care Plan

What is a Personal Care Plan?

A specifically tailored treatment plan that integrates chiropractic care with therapeutic massage therapy and exercise therapy in order to help each patient reach their optimal level of health and function.

Helping Hands Chiropractic Center recognizes that no two individuals place the exact physical and mental demands on their bodies; nor do any two individuals ever present with exactly the same pattern underlying their symptoms.

It is for this reason that Helping Hands Chiropractic Center does not take a “Shot-Gun” approach to treatment. Many issues are taken into consideration when developing your Personal Care Plan.

Helping Hands Chiropractic Center focuses on a goal-oriented road to recovery. Dr. Faas integrates our team of health care professionals in order to develop a customized plan of treatment for each patient’s specific needs. A very personalized set of goals will be discussed and established with each individual’s life style emphasized.

Our System:

  • Chiropractic care to treat functional and structural imbalances found within the body.
  • Massage therapy to reduce hypertonicity and trigger points found within the muscles and connective tissues of the body.
  • Exercise therapy to reprogram your neuromuscular system.
  • Adjunctive therapies such as arch supports or nutritional supplements may be warranted.

Studies have shown that combining exercise protocols with traditional chiropractic treatment results in much better outcomes for both acute and chronic problems then when either chiropractic or exercise is used independently.

Additionally, it is our experience at Helping Hands Chiropractic Center that the use of massage therapy techniques promote quicker recovery from injury by decreasing pain symptoms and reducing structural imbalances resulting from hypertonic muscle and connective tissue.

Helping Hands Chiropractic Center attempts to transition our patients, as much as possible, from strictly passive treatments to active care. Customized, patient-specific, home-based exercise protocols and other wellness activities round out this multidimensional care. By educating our patients about their own role regarding their Personal Care Plan, we find that healthier lifestyles are developed in addition to their personal goals being met.

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